Nuru Lights

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Looking For A Unique Accessory To Complement The Aesthetic Of A Room?

The simple and classic look of the Imperial lamp is perfect to bring a modern feel to your room. 

Stand Out

Show how creative and original you are with the innovative design of your lamp.

Conversation Starter

It might just be a lamp but the unusual design of this 2D lamp that looks 3D brings a lot of attention to it.

People will be curious and want to ask questions.

Because people don't normally see flat lamps every day, in fact, we are pretty sure that they never do.

A Minimal Yet Complex Design

We wanted to make a lamp that looks normal at first sight, but once you pay attention to it, you notice the ingenious design and engineering that went into it. 

Because we believe that what makes something great is the little details.

It's easy to focus on the big picture of things but most people forget about the small details and this is where greatness comes from.

Set The Right Atmosphere

The lighting in a room is important because this is what sets the mood and ambiance.

The soft lighting of the lamp makes it perfect for reading or just to add a cozy feeling to your activity.


  • Powered with LED lights, energy efficient (requires only 12V)
  • Ideal Reading lamp
  • Made of wood and high-quality acrylic
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      “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher



      Nuru Lights is a Montreal-based practice run by Sam Lege and his team. we are interested in the middle ground between art and design, bringing a sense of irreverence to each project.

      My name is Sam Lege, I am the founder of Nuru lights. I have always been fascinated by light. The world without light would be cold and dark. We would never be able to see the beautiful things that the world has for us without it. For me, light is the essence of life.

      I have always been captivated by modern and elegant designs that push the boundaries of art and creation. I believe that in order to make an impact in this world you really have to be unique and stand out. This is why I want to offer the best of my work to the world. I want people to be able to stand out, I want to offer something that makes them unique. I want people to feel good everytime they come home and open the lights.

      I am just a man who tries to embody his rebel spirit through innovative designs.

      Sam Lege - Designer